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Looks do matter – we live in a world where how we present ourselves speaks volumes and because our brains are flooded with information, images and noise every day, your communications need to stand out above your competitors. We create designs that will grasp your audience’s attention and help support and define your brand, whether that’s through a website, a brochure, a video or an app. We will get to know your brand, product and customers and create designs that will communicate your message effectively.


Memorable, unique, representative and functional. That’s what your brand identity should be. The brand name and logo can become a very valuable asset to your business, so it’s important to get it right. If you are creating a new brand, or bringing a new product to the market and need a brand name and logo, we can develop this with you. Or if you have an existing logo that needs to be ‘updated’ or ‘refreshed’ – we can do this too.

We are also good at helping you with your brand development. In this fast moving world your brand will have to continually look at it’s proposition, positioning and products; keeping it relevant to your customers for the success and longevity of your business.

web & interactive

Your website represents your business or organisation to the world, so simple or complex, it has to look great, be engaging, interactive, but still be easy and secure to use. So great design, comprehensive content (for SEO) and simple navigation is needed – we can do that for you. We can help you make the most of digital communications for the web, mobile and social networking sites and help you integrate and unify your chosen communication platforms to ensure your message is strong, cohesive and engaging. We can advise you on how best to integrate them into your marketing mix and present your business to your customers in the way they want.

marketing & pr

“That’s just advertising and airy fairy stuff, isn’t it?” Heard that before? Well the fact that you are looking at our website we know you know it’s not. You’re here because you want to drive your business forward – and we can certainly help you do that. But we’ll have to get closer, we’ll need to know your business inside out; you’ll need to tell us all about your customers what they want. And why – or why they don’t – buy from you. If you don’t know, we will help you find out.

Business planning and marketing planning are symbiotic. We can advise you on strategic and marketing planning, developing your marketing mix, create and design marketing platforms and materials that will reach your audience, and of course help you to evaluate effectiveness and success. We would hope to challenge you and not let you stand still and be overtaken by your competitors. We’ll get you thinking laterally about your marketing and business – even if only to confirm you’re getting it right.

Maybe you only need assistance with one part of your marketing, that’s fine, we can collaborate with your marketing team or be your “marketing department’! And PR – we can help you shout out loudly to the world in an engaging and honest way – we won’t tell people you or your product is something it’s not.

social media & advertising

As with all your communications, your advertising has to be targeted, engaging and create a positive response from the audience. It’s got to be better than your competitors. We can help you with your online, mobile and traditional channel advertising. So if it’s for your local press, a glossy magazine or you need programmatic digital advertising – just ask us.


So you have a great product – you know it’s great but how do you convince customers to pick up your product? Well one of the first things you have to crack is functional and attention grabbing packaging – and that doesn’t necessarily mean ‘loud’, it may be simple and sophisticated. We can help you convey your brand’s message through expertly designed packaging. If your packaging is poor you may struggle to even be listed with your distributors. You have to fight hard to get your product noticed on a shelf, to present your product and brand message- and of course it has to protect your product. Talk to us if you need to get packaged!


Exhibiting at a trade show can be pretty costly and you will hope to make a good return on investment. We can help you from initial design of your stand layout, graphics and setting up should you need this. From bespoke builds to Pop Up Banners, just ask us.

cgi & illustration

We have a wonderful team of illustrators, tradition pen and ink or CGI, each with their own particular styles. We’ll pick the right one for your project.

video & vr

The use of video as a means of communicating a brand’s offer has grown enormously, customers like them – if well produced and engaging, the internet likes them – it can help with SEO and your rankings. It’s a medium, that if done well, can be used for nearly every product or service. It gives customers another perspective on your product or service and you get to tell the ‘story’ you want. See examples of our videos here. And if you are ready for the mind blowing world of Virtual Reality then we can introduce you to our friends at Immersive VR.


We are very fortunate to include in our team extremely talented and award winning photographers who certainly will help people focus on your business! We choose the best person for the job – so if its architectural, product, portrait, landscape or environment photography we’ll get you the best images.