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client tahouts

Tahouts is the brainchild of entrepreneur Theo Wasserberg. He wanted to launch a range of hip travelling trousers influenced by Asian fabrics and styling. He liked the idea of an elephant and thus we created an illustrative head and complimentary typeface. The brand continues to grow. Just wish we could try those trousers out somewhere on a remote beach somewhere………!

projects Brand Development, Labeling


I cannot recommend Gareth James Design enough. When I needed essential marketing design for my start up they were brilliant. As a new company with no previous track record it was extremely important to me that I worked with someone who really understood the brand image that I was trying to create. They communicated with me at every stage of the process. Gareth created a really eye catching logo for the business which is so important.

Theo Wasserberg, Director
Tahouts Clothing Ltd

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Tahouts Girls
Tahouts Bangle
Tahouts Clothing
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