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client goff petroleum and heating solutions

Goff Petroleum approached us to freshen up their existing branding but without losing what had become a very recognised brand logo. Why would you?! So just a very simple tweak here and there modernised the brand. Goff Petroleum also asked us to create branding their new company Heating Solutions, a heating and plumbing company. Simple use of colours to hint at the elements involved, red – heat, blue – water – you get it!.

projects Brochure, Catalogue, Posters, Team Wear, Team Truck Livery


I have worked with Gareth and Belinda extensively, both on new brand creation and rebranding issues for companies within the G J Goff Ltd group. With the development of our Heating Solutions brand we were able to work in partnership from initial conceptulisation to ultimate image delivery. Our rebranding of Goff Petroleum achieved the realignment of our traditional brand images and values to meet the researched requirements of the modern oil consumer. In all aspects of our work with Gareth James Design the understanding, creation, communication and delivery of the work has been to levels that consistently exceed my expectations and at billing rates that make the relationship far more cost effective than working with a larger agency.

Darren Pike, Marketing Manager
G J Goff Ltd

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