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client the bressingham gardens

As garden lovers we were thrilled to be contacted by Adrian Bloom, patriarch of the famous family of plantsmen and garden designers. Adrian asked us to rebrand, starting with a new logo and website. What a great project to work on and made a even better by being able to use the award winning images of Richard Bloom. They took the website to another level altogether. Website traffic has increased and our relationship with Bressingham Gardens continues to bloom!!!

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Bressingham Gardens

Finding both a good (and reasonably priced!) designer with whom you can an empathetic and ongoing relationship seldom happens. Gareth James and his associates have fulfilled that role admirably, enabling us to present our vision, products and ideas to a worldwide audience. In recommending Gareth James and his company I retain some ambivalence in that demand might well exceed supply!.

Adrian Bloom, Owner and Gardener
The Bressingham Gardens

the bressingham gardens

the bressingham gardens

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